#UnaTardeDeLuz Zeferino Professional Lighting

Zeferino is a recognized and consolidated company that stands out for the quality and availability of materials, and for innovation, commitment, efficiency and the service in everything related to rental professional lighting.


Lapiscina intervention


Zeferino Professional Lighting annually incorporates the most relevant acquisitions in the audiovisual sector.
To reinforce and communicate the values of the company, was organized a private event for exclusive media and clients to show the news products.

Lapiscina intervention


  • Creative Direction
  • Co-organization of the event
  • Protocol and public relations of the event
  • Press office
  • Digital communication
  • Contest on social networks

Lapiscina intervention


Creating a 360º action, was communicated one of the most outstanding values of the company.
Very good reception among the attendees and repercussion in both conventional and digital media.
Positioning of Zeferino Professional Lighting as an R & D company in the audiovisual material sector.

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